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  pdf Grenfell Tower - PFPF Statement June 2017
  pdf Lakanal House March 2013
  pdf Health and safety legislation - a necessary burden? October 2012
  pdf PFPF concerned by DCLG door ruling August 2012
  pdf Provision of fire safety information mandatory August 2012
  pdf PFPF supports research into high rise safety May 2012
  The risk of office fires Jan 2012
  pdf New register makes it easy to check fire safe products and installers online Oct 2011
  pdf Risky Business Oct 2011
  pdf Closed door leads to safety Sep 2011
  pdf School risk assessments must consider built-in fire protection Sep 2011
  pdf Fire protection? Isn't that somone else's job? Aug 2011
  pdf Chinese manufacturers learn from UK fire safety rules Aug 2011
  pdf Keep fire contained Jul 2011
  pdf Built in fire protection? What’s that got to do with me? /Installers fire safety and the law Jun 2011
  pdf PFPF Chairman joines up the dots at FIREX May 2011
  pdf False Economy April 2011
  pdf Is built-infire protection on your back burner? March 2011
  pdf Fire safety is finally being taken serviously February 2011
  pdf Is what you specity what's installed? Fire safety depends on it February 2011
  pdf Fire futures strategtic review February 2011
  pdf Residential Landlords -profiteering or genuine fire safety upgrades? January 2011
  pdf IFPO Winter Edition 2010 December 2010
  pdf Poor understanding of fire protection threatens fire fighters November 2010

Fire protection seminar is a must at BEST
Installers fitting insulation

September 2010
  pdf Third Party Certification and LAs September 2010
  pdf Successful start to PFPF seminars on Fire Safety Order September 2010
  pdf PFPF Roadshow press release September 2010
  pdf Niall Rowan joins strategy committee March 2010
  pdf ITN interviews PFPF about fire safety concerns December 2009
  pdf PFPF on Camberwell Interim report August 2009

Property Snakes and Ladders Channel 4 - 9 June 2009

June 2009
  pdf PFPF welcomes new member FETA May 2009
  pdf Is What you Specify What you Get? May 2009
  pdf PFPF welcomes new insurers’ guide to ADB April 2009
  pdf PFPF Challenges Eurotunnel on BBC Politics January 2009
  pdf Refurb Projects PFP in domestic premises January 2009
  pdf FM Magazine The Law won't Save You December 2008
  pdf The Channel Tunnel July 2008
  pdf DHF Newsletter November 2008
  pdf Letter to Fire Safety Press re Water Supply November 2008
  pdf Fire protection in Schools October 2008
  pdf Channel Fire Letter October 2008
  pdf Fire Doorset Testing Guide Sepember 2008
  pdf Letter to Evening Standard September 2008
  pdf PFPF Guide to TPA August 2008
  pdf Fire Letter to all Press July 2008
  pdf Fires cost Livelihoods as Well as Lives July 2008
  pdf Market Forces. The current strength and potential of the passive fire protection market July 2008
  pdf Building for the future. Learning from the past. 1666 the great fire of London July 2008
  pdf David Sugden, Chairman of the Passive Fire Protection Federation, on fire safety in hospitals April 2008

Lessons from the Atherstone Fire

April 2008

Transcript of the File of Four Programme on the Royal Marsden Fire

February 2008

  pdf Why tall buildings 2007
  pdf The building is completely destroyed 2007
  pdf Tall Storeys 2007
  pdf Residential fire highlights the need for passive protection 2007
  pdf LABM Guest Comment 2007
  pdf Intro to PFPF 2007
  pdf Five points for TPC 2007
  pdf Changes to Approved Document B 2007
  pdf Building magazine piece 27.09.06 2007
  pdf Builder & Engineer 2007
  pdf AD B come into force on April 6th 2007
  pdf Ulster Architect Master 2007
  pdf PFPF Profile Article for Specification Magazine 2007
  pdf PFPF for IFP 2007
  pdf New Business article 2007
  pdf Future Proof - fire safety in the future 2007
  pdf Fire in a vertical town 2007
  pdf Facilities management 2007
  pdf AD B article for FM 2007
  pdf AD B - Housebuilder & Developer 2007
  pdf AD B article - specification magazine 2007
  Useful Information Published by PFPF (17 KB) January 2005
  Important Aspects of Passive Fire Protection Diagram October 2004
  Voluntary Third-Party Certification January 2004
  The Passive Fire Protection Federation (PFPF) October 2003







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